The belief that preventive dentistry is an essential tool for optimum health is strongly held here at Dental Arts. We highly recommend that our patients visit us at least twice a year for dental exams and cleanings where we can ensure that their smile is clean, free of decay and that your general overall health is not affected by anything happening in your mouth.

Dental Cleanings in Seminole

At-home dental care is an important part of oral health that is at its peak, and many of our patients have certain areas of the mouth that are harder to clean meaning they may miss it. When you combine this kind of oral hygiene mixed with poor eating habits, it creates a perfect environment that allows debris, plaque, and bacteria to hide. Once all of these are present in your mouth, your risk for decay, infection, and disease is greatly increased. At our dental cleanings, we use special tools, knowledge, and experience that all ensure that your smile is working properly and is being thoroughly cleaned.

What to Expect During a Dental Exam

What you can expect during our Dental exams is an examination of your overall oral health. This can include your teeth, bones, gums, jaw, and even lips. A thorough exam allows us to monitor any possible Dental complications such as tooth decay, infections, gum disease, and oral cancer. Making sure that were able to spot these kinds of problems early allows us to treat them before they can become more advanced. If any Dental complications OR risk factors are noted during a dental exam, a treatment plan is then put into place in order to keep your oral health strong.

Be Sure to Schedule Your Dental Exam and Cleaning ASAP!

If it has been over a year since you have gotten a dental exam and cleaning, please don’t wait any longer! The dental professionals at Dental Arts would love the opportunity to assist you in gaining back your oral health, and the way to do so is by giving them a call as soon as possible at their office in Seminole.

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