Dental Implants


Through a lifetime, it’s not uncommon to lose teeth due to age or accidents. When this happens, people in Seminole often come to us at Dental Arts to find a solution. One of the most popular options for those in Seminole has been a dental implant procedure. Some common questions we’ve heard by patients are:

  • “why are dental implants so popular”,
  • “what does the procedure involve” and
  • “do I qualify to get this treatment?”

We’ll take a look at each.

Why Are Dental Implants a Popular Option?

A healthy implant functions exactly like a natural tooth, and as such, they restore your teeth’s functions back to their natural state. For instance:

  • Implants completely restore your teeth’s ability to chew, eat and speak. Not all tooth restoration options, like dentures, provide such ease. Dentures often slip while eating, however, implants are firmly secured to not slip.
  • Implants do not negatively impact your appearance. Upon inspection, dental bridges may be noticeable as they do not function as an individual tooth. Implants are independent of each other, leading to healthier and more attractive teeth.
  • Dental Implants are permanent and long-lasting. Dentures have to be removed in order to clean them. Implants are permanent fixtures. In addition to this, implants are more durable than other prostheses, such as dentures or dental bridges.

What Does a Dental Implant Procedure Involve?

  • Consultation. An in-person consultation with your dentist is the first step. Your dentist will assess your dental health to see if implants would be the best restoration solution for you.
  • Extraction. Once you are approved for the implant, you will set up an appointment to extract what may be remaining of your current tooth.
  • Implantation. Once the old tooth has been removed, a new “root” is inserted. This “root” is a titanium rod that is installed directly into the jawbone. Once installed into the jaw and allowed to heal for about six weeks, a molecular bonding process takes place which fuses the rod directly to the bone. This fusion creates the sturdiest prosthesis option available today.
  • Completion. Once the rod and bone have thoroughly bonded to each other, a custom cap will be made to match your other teeth. After this cap is attached to the rod you may use it as a natural, fully functioning tooth.

“Do I Qualify for a Dental Implant?”

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for receiving an implant. Here are some things that are taken into consideration.

  • Your Age. It must be determined that the jawbone will not outgrow the implant after the operation.
  • Your Jaw’s Health. If your jaw’s bone density is low or there are injuries that affect its structural integrity, an implant may risk causing serious damage to your jaw.
  • Other considerations. Do you smoke or suffer from gum disease? Such conditions can cause complications in an implantation procedure.

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The best way to find out if you qualify is to have an in-person consultation with a local dentist. If you live in the Seminole area, come on over to Dental Arts. We proudly serve those in Seminole, and have helped many happy patients restore their smile. Make an appointment with us to restore yours.