Dental Bridges in Dental Arts, Seminole

Missing teeth can put a hamper on anyone’s smile. While dental implants are often the best way to replace missing teeth, some patients are not able to receive them due to certain conditions like gum disease. Dental Bridges offer a fantastic alternative to teeth replacement that does not require dental implants, yet can still securely stay in position.


Dental bridges are ultra-realistic prosthetics that are custom made to match a patient’s other teeth. Instead of being attached via a dental implant, dental bridges are secured using dental crowns. The healthy teeth neighboring the area where teeth are missing are prepped by having a portion of the cap removed so that the dental crowns can be affixed. The crowns can often increase the aesthetic appearance of the natural teeth, creating an even better smile.

For dental bridges in Seminole it is best to get in touch with a dentist near you from Dental Arts Seminole. With their expert knowledge and the use latest technology tools, the best results are ensured to all patients.


With the bridge held in place, it completes the smile by eliminating the gap. In addition to the beautiful aesthetics of a complete smile, bridges can also help to prevent other issues from occurring. Without the space filled, the neighboring teeth can start to spread or fracture from taking on additional chewing force. Dental bridges are effective at keeping the remaining teeth in position and taking on some of the chewing force.


Just like dental crowns and veneers, getting a dental bridge will take a few visits. After an imprint is made, a custom bridge can be created for you at a lab. The healthy teeth will also need to be prepped in order to have the crowns attached to them. The dentist in 33778 will ensure that the crown procedure is done without any flaws and that the patient’s smile looks just as natural as it can be.

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