tips for safe teeth whitening

Tips for Safe Teeth Whitening

Sep 01, 2020

A whiter smile not only improves your appearance, but your confidence too. It makes you feel good about yourself and gives leverage in social situations. People with a bright smile are often considered attractive, friendly and trustworthy. However, not everyone is lucky to have a set of naturally pearly white teeth. In fact, most people are affected by some degree of tooth discoloration or staining that they wish to get rid of. This is due to hereditary factors, physical trauma, lifestyle factors as well use of certain medications that contribute to tooth discoloration in some way.

Currently the market is flooded with a wide range of teeth whitening options. However, not every product on the shelf is good for you. Using the wrong product or incorrect use of a good product could damage your teeth. Some tips that you could use to ensure the procedure is effective yet safe include:

  • Learn the Basics of Teeth Whitening

If you are considering teeth whitening, take the initiative to learn about teeth whitening. This will include learning how teeth are discolored in the first place to how whitening agents are able to lighten the shade of your teeth. Understanding the basics of teeth whitening allow you make an informed choice as well as shape your expectations.

  • Consult with Your Dentist

Whether you are whitening your teeth at home or professionally, make sure to first consult a certified tooth whitening dentist. At Dental Arts Seminole, we insist on routine oral exams and dental cleanings before whitening your teeth. A dental exam can help evaluate your candidacy for whitening treatment while the cleanings will remove some of the stains that could be dulling your smile. Seeing a dentist is also important as it always for any existing dental problems to be treated, which makes the whitening procedure safer on your mouth.

  • Be A Smart Shopper

When shopping for whitening products, do not believe everything written on the label. We always insist that you only work with products approved by the ADA and the FDA for your overall safety. Note that at home whiteners typically contain a lower concentration of bleaching agent. Where carbamide peroxide is used expect amounts between 10 and 20%, while in the case of hydrogen peroxide just about 3% of the agent is used.

Whitening agents also come in the form of pastes, gels or strips. Consider with methods will deliver the best results before you make a decision.

  • Follow Instructions

Getting the instructions right is necessary for a safe tooth whitening experience. If you are doing it professionally, follow the guidelines laid out by your dentist in Seminole, FL. Avoid staining foods, for the couple of hours following a whitening treatment. sometimes you may also be advised to develop a night-time whitening routine to prevent restraining. This involves using a whitening gel with a set of custom trays every night before going to bed.

For at home treatments, follow the instructions on the package. Do not rely on hearsay as sometimes the information obtained can be misrepresented and misleading. If you are in doubt, seek clarifications or simply avoid using the product.

  • Tame Your Expectations

Teeth whitening treatments will not always give you the whitest smile. The number of shades you are able to lighten will depend on the nature of the stain and certain and factors such as age and state of overall health. Additionally, whitening treatments take some time to work, so do not go in expecting instant and brilliant results. It may take a number of treatments before you can get satisfactory results. This however does not mean that you soak your teeth in whitening agents for prolonged periods, in the quest for a snow-white smile. Doing so will only erode your enamel, weaken the tooth, irritate the gums and increase tooth sensitivity, which is not what you want.

Also understand that even using natural teeth whitening products, there is still some risk involved. Deeply research to find out what works and how to get its maximum benefits without damaging your teeth.