root canal treatment the guide

Root Canal Treatment – The Guide You Were Searching For

Dec 05, 2019

The pretty smile on your face gives you the confidence to face people. Your smile plays a pivotal role but this smile is ruined if your teeth have some problems. These problems do not get importance in the majority of the people. They avoid all these problems and there is a time when this problem hurts a lot.

Chipped or cracked teeth, misaligned or stained teeth are ignored but they harm the face. Cracked and chipped seem no big deal but they lead to tooth decay. First few days or weeks, the symptoms of decay are not visible but the pain makes way soon. This can be treated with root canal treatment before tooth decay leads to dental extraction and implant. Do you want to know how the root canal helps? Read to find out.

Root Canal and Its Procedure

Your dying tooth is saved by a treatment called root canal treatment (RCT). Your teeth have different layers starting from the enamel and ending at pulp and nerves. The innermost layer or pulp of the tooth gets infected and the pulp is destroyed. The infection can penetrate the gums surrounding the infected tooth as well. The infected gums become the reason for a tooth removal. Before this situation comes, get a root canal in Seminole.

People often avoid getting a root canal because they have always heard about the pain. It is painful but the pain ends well. The decaying tooth is saved. The dentists in Seminole have expertise in RCT. do not worry because you will find the right dentists at 33778. If you want to do some homework then these steps can help you in understanding the procedure.

Step 01: Diagnosis and Numbing the Area

To know what the problem is, the dentist will ask for an x-ray. Once he diagnoses the problem, he can proceed with the treatment. Maybe the pain is not because of decay but some food particle was stuck in the tooth. If the tooth is decaying, he will let you know and the first step would be anesthesia. That will hurt a bit but you would not feel anything else.

Step 02: Hole Construction and Cleaning

Now that the infected area is numb, the dentist will construct a hole in the infected tooth. This hole is the base of this treatment. All the infected pulp will be scratched out through this hole. After extracting out the infected pulp, your mouth will be first rinsed with water to remove any remaining pulp. Then your mouth will be rinsed with antibacterial liquid to prevent a bacterial attack.

Step 03: Protection of the Hole

After the cleaning is complete, a temporary crown will be placed on the tooth for protection. The area is sensitive now and fungal or bacterial invasions are easy. The crown will protect your tooth. This temporary crown will be replaced with a permanent crown after two weeks.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal Treatment

Everything has a reason and root canal treatment is needed for some serious reasons. You should know the major ones.

  • Infection in the pulp reaches the outer layers of the tooth.
  • Crack in the tooth is providing a path for bacteria to invade and infect.
  • Fillings or any other treatment cleared out a track for infection.

Find a dentist near you and get all the reasons eliminated.

When Should You Consider Root Canal Treatment

Here are some symptoms to answer the question.

  • Intense unbearable pain
  • Your gums might swell
  • Darkening of the teeth
  • Sensitivity along with pain is a warning sign
  • Dark spots or bumps on the gums

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The Aftercare For Root Canal

The root canal needs some serious attention for a couple of days after completion. Your dentist will inform you of the necessary aftercare tips but here are some general ones for your guidance.

  • Do not pressurize your teeth.
  • Avoid extensive chewing
  • Follow proper and regular dental hygiene

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