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How To Improve Oral Health With Dental Exams And Cleaning.

Jul 01, 2021

Good dental hygiene is important. It protects our teeth from bacteria that could harm our teeth. When we don’t take proper care of our dental health, we are at risk of suffering from some dental diseases like gingivitis or periodontal disease. Cavities and plaques can build up in the teeth if we take care of our teeth. This leads us to the question, what are dental exams and cleanings?

Dental exams and cleanings are routine cleanings performed by a dentist to remove the harmful buildup of cavities, plaques, and stains that can cause damages to the teeth. It is recommended by a dentist in Seminole, FL that people should see the dentist at least 2 or 3 times a year to improve their dental health.

There are a lot of benefits associated with routine cleanings and dental exams. During the cleaning, the dentist will polish your teeth and help get rid of stains. Also, the teeth will be checked for plagues. The plagues will be removed and preventive measures will be taken to ensure that they don’t build up in the teeth any time soon.

Whenever we brush our teeth, it is possible to miss some areas of the teeth. During a regular dental cleaning, the dentist can remove specks of dirt from the teeth especially at the back of the molar and premolar where the toothbrush might hardly get into when we are brushing our teeth.

Dental exams and cleanings are important for checking future dental problems like gum infections, bone diseases, and tooth decay. During a dental examination, your jaw and teeth will be examined to see if there is any abnormality in the jaw bone area. The alignment of the teeth is checked too. Some patients could be suffering from teeth misalignment and biting problems or loosed teeth. This is why it is important to visit the dentist regularly so that all these dental problems are detected early and treated before they get worse.

Dental exams and cleanings don’t protect just the teeth but the overall health as well. Disease symptoms might appear in the mouth first before they begin to show signs in other parts of the body. Your dentist could detect this early during dental examinations. You don’t have to wait until you develop some dental problems before you see a dentist. You can book an appointment with a dentist near you.

What Happens During A Dental Exam?

When you book an appointment with a dentist at Seminole 33778, general X-rays of your mouth will be taken. Then, Dr. Cecilia Sorelle will conduct thorough teeth and gum examination and the entire dental cavity as well. During the dental exam, the dentist will check out for areas where cavities and plagues might have developed in the teeth. This will help the dentist discover future dental issues and how they can be treated presently. It will also assist the dentist in knowing what part of the teeth needs specific treatments

How Are Dental Cleanings Performed?

Dental cleanings are quick procedures. They are painless and don’t require any oral surgery. When you see a dentist in Seminole, FL, you’ll be asked to sit and the dentist will examine your mouth before starting the cleaning process. During the dental cleaning procedures, a special treatment is manually used to scrub your tooth enamel individually to remove persistent stains from the teeth. The oral cavities will be thoroughly cleaned to remove plagues that might be hiding and building up in the teeth holes. After that, the dentist will use a fluoride antiseptic to sanitize the teeth and remove bacterias that can cause damages to the teeth. A dental cleaning can also help in getting rid of bad mouth odors. Finally, after your dental cleaning is done, your teeth will be clean and sparkling.

How Much Does Dental Cleaning Cost?

The cost of dental cleaning differs based on the type of cleaning, your dentist’s experience or skills, and your location. Regular professional cleaning often ranges between $75 -$200. An average dental cleaning would cost around $125.

Deep cleaning costs more than regular cleaning cause deep cleaning requires a lot of procedures especially if you haven’t seen the dentist in a very long time, your teeth would require intensive cleaning.

Note that dental exams and cleaning are very effective ways in preventing dental complications from arising. Both children and adults can get dental exams and cleaning as plagues don’t affect only a specific type of person. Plaques and caries can develop in children’s teeth too.

Also, you don’t have to travel too far to book an appointment with the dentist. You can get a dental exam and cleaning near you.