How to Care for Your Dentures during Covid-19

Jul 01, 2020

The danger from the Covid-19 pandemic has raised questions in the minds of everyone about how they can take care of themselves and any oral appliances like dentures they are wearing. The best way to stay ahead in these difficult times is to follow government guidelines that are published from authoritative sources.

You may have read about maintaining social distance, avoiding crowds, and being cautious of anyone sneezing or coughing. The pathway for coronavirus to infect your body is to enter it through your mouth, nose, and eyes. Avoiding your eyes and nose is pure, but how do you prevent your mouth, especially if you are wearing dentures. The following is a helpful way to keep you safe by looking after your general health while correctly managing your oral hygiene as well.

Why Do You Need to Consider Oral Hygiene?

Your mouth has a warm and moist environment making the conditions ideal for viruses to flourish. It is common for you to touch your mouth regularly without thinking when doing the everyday things you do. You may indulge in habits like eating, drinking, and sharing food or treats. You could also be accustomed to leaking your sticky fingers. To keep your mouth as healthy as possible involves simple hygiene practices. As you are wearing dentures, it will be significant for you to take care of dentures appropriately. The oral appliances become covered by plaque, which occurs naturally and must be removed every day by washing. Your mouth and the dentures must both be cleaned to maintain proper oral hygiene.

How to Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene?

Brushing your teeth and gums and flossing are the cornerstones of caring for your mouth. Brushing gently is recommended by using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. It would be best if you clean between your teeth and the area between the tooth and gums using a gentle rotating movement. The brushing will help to remove plaque, which is a fertile breeding ground for bacteria.

During these difficult times, it is recommended that you brush with your mouth closed or semiclosed and use your other hand to prevent aerosols from being exhaled from your mouth. Rinse your mouth in the morning and evening and ensure you wipe clean all the surfaces around the area where you are practicing oral hygiene.

As a denture wearer, you must rinse your mouth after removing and before inserting the oral appliances. Reduce aerosols when spitting the rinse by leaning into the sink. You must rinse both your mouth and the dentures after eating, which may not always be practical if you are socializing or working. However, you can find a convenient time for indulging in this habit because it helps when you buildup an excellent oral hygiene routine.

Caring For Your Dentures during Covid-19

Dentures must be washed in the morning and the evening and after meals whenever possible. You can use a large bowl, warm water, and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid for the cleaning. Keeping a denture brush handy or even a toothbrush will help to clean between the teeth and the insides and outsides of the denture. The cleaning will remove any plaque buildup and food debris. Denture adhesives must also be cleaned.

Dentures must be disinfected as well, but the washing must be completed initially before the disinfection. You can prepare a home-made solution of vinegar and water. Immerse the denture into the home-made solution for approximately 30 minutes twice a week. If the appliance is discolored or stained, you can soak the same overnight in the solution. Just ensure you do not use the solution on dentures with metal clasps and, most importantly, do not use the solution repeatedly because it contains food debris, plaque, and tartar.

If for any reason, you manage to damage or break the dentures, you can receive help from the dentist in Seminole who has an emergency collection and delivery service. Dr. Cecilia Sorelle of Dental Arts Seminole will have the broken or damaged dentures picked up from your residence for denture repairs. You must, however, call the dental clinic with the problem you are experiencing for them to arrange for a collection and delivery of the oral appliances you are wearing.

Denture wearers must maintain an appropriate and healthy mouth and denture routine, as recommended above. Protecting your teeth, gums, and dentures will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle.