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How Do Fastbraces Work?

May 01, 2019

The Orthodontic treatments were synonymous with traditional braces but over the period of time advanced options such as Invisalign came into the picture. Now, you can find new ways to straighten your teeth and achieve the cosmetic look as well as the level of comfort that you desire. Let’s find out more about the Fastbraces.


The dentist in 33778 explains that after being tested for two decades, the Fastbraces technology is becoming widely available. The main aim of the treatment is to move the crown as well as the root of the teeth to the desired placed simultaneously. The procedures involve force as well as flexibility for achieving the goal. It does the job by improving the flexibility of the wire. The mechanics enable extra tipping and torqueing so that the root is affected throughout the entire treatment since the beginning.


According to dentist in Seminole, the Fastbraces do the job comparatively faster than the traditional orthodontic treatments. This seems appealing to many people who are wishing to straighten their teeth for a flawless smile. This can also be an attractive treatment option for children who are concerned about the length of time they will have to wear the braces.

The traditional braces take up to two years for treatment as the process is divided into two stages- first the crown moves into the desired position and then the root takes time to catch up. Fastbraces technology moves both the crown and root at the same time, which makes the length of treatment shorter. The treatment may take a year or just few months in some cases, depending on the situation.


The Fastbraces treatment is as safe as the traditional orthodontic treatment. It is quite fast comparatively and also offers some hidden benefits. You will be wearing them for a limited duration of time so you won’t need as many visits to the orthodontists for checkups, saving time and money. They don’t come in the way of practicing optimum oral hygiene so your chances of developing tooth decay are reduced significantly which was not the case with traditional braces.