How A Dental Filling Helps Improve Your Oral Health

Apr 08, 2019

Dental fillings are one of the simplest and most common restorative dental treatment used by a dentist to treat damaged teeth. Researchers have found that beeswax was used as a dental filling dating back to 6500 BC.

Nowadays, dentists use tooth-colored filling or silver amalgam filling as dental filling material. Composites are more popular as they resemble the natural appearance of your teeth and does not leave a dark spot on your smile. Consult your dentist in Largo, FL about using tooth-colored fillings the next time you get your dental cavity filled.

What will happen if you do not treat your damaged tooth?

Having a dental filling placed within the cavities of your dental treatment is a pretty straightforward process which has significant benefits. Your dentist in 33778 will remove the damaged or the decayed portion of your tooth, add some dental filling material on your tooth, shape it and polish it to ensure it blends with the appearance of your surrounding teeth.

The dental filling will help in eliminating tooth decay whereas also help in preserving the appearance and structure of your tooth to allow you to smile confidently and chew comfortably. Without timely treatment, your dental decay will continue to penetrate into your dental enamel till it reaches towards the innermost portion of your tooth which contain nerves, blood vessels, and tissues which keep your tooth healthy and alive.

Your dentist in Seminole will not be able to able to use a dental filling to treat or save your damaged tooth if the cavity does too far. Your dentist in Seminole, FL might require a root canal to save your tooth and relieve you from pain. Without a root canal, you will lose your tooth, and it will affect your overall dental health, the appearance of your smile and ability to properly chew.

Dental Fillings at Dental Arts Seminole

At Dental Arts, we follow the philosophy is better than cure. We help you preserve your healthy smile will our wide array of dental filling treatments for treating your dental issues before that escalate can cause your pain and discomfort.