big benefits of dental implants

3 Big Benefits of Dental Implants

May 16, 2019

With the advent of dental implants, dental loss problem has found a big solution in modern dentistry. Now one who loses a tooth or more for any reason, can get an implant at the place of the lost tooth, and this will mimic the roles of the original tooth in almost the same way for life. This is what makes implants a kind of a permanent solution to lost tooth cases. They also are much better alternatives than treating dental loss with dentures. Now when you ask, who the dentist near me is, you also ask for a reliable Dentist in Seminole to give you this best suited solution for your dental loss.

Get the feel and functions of a real tooth with an implant

Whether you get one tooth implanted or several, or perhaps in a row, you would feel the implants to mimic the role of your original teeth really well. Nobody other than you is going to ever know that you have got tooth implants, unless you speak of it. Also you would not feel any problem or discomfort while using your implanted teeth. You can chew, bite, and drink your favorite healthy food and drinks just like you did with your original teeth. The feel and functionality being the same as original, you can forget that you have an implant, unless you visit your dentist at Dental Arts Seminole twice a year for routine checkups.

An implanted tooth never makes the jaw bone sag or lose shape

Dentures, with time have a negative effect on the gums and jaw bone. Since dentures do not have connection to the internal gum tissues and tooth roots, hence the lack of need to provide food and oxygen to the tissues make the body pump less nutrients to the gums and bone. This makes the jaw bone lose shape and sag with time and also lose its strength. Overall a sagged, aged look comes to the person’s face with dentures. This does not happen with implants. A tooth implant is connected to the internal tissues. Hence the body pumps blood to the place as earlier, and your tissues don’t get weak and lose shape.

Tooth implants don’t get lose or shift

One big problem with dentures is that, with time they get lose and shift. This happens due to the shrinking gum tissues which no longer stays s much rejuvenated as with an original tooth. Bu implants being totally inserted in the gum tissues, and on the jaw bone, stays fixed and never gets lose. Hence, a visit to your Dentist 33778 for implanting your teeth would bring on a permanent solution.