What Does A Pediatric Dentist Do?

Pediatric dentists, alternatively called pedodontists, are professionals treating infants and children throughout adolescence. Pediatric dentistry is among nine dental specialties, and dentists specializing in pediatrics offer wide-ranging treatments as children require.

After completing four years in dental school, pediatric dentists undergo an additional two to three years of training for child-specific needs. They are also trained in child psychology, besides treating dental problems in children. In addition, they are specialists in communicating with children.

Should My Child See A Pediatric Dentist?

Every parent wonders whether their child will benefit from seeing a pediatric dentist or can receive dental care from their general dentist. Most parents prefer to take children to their family dentist, thinking no difference exists between their teeth and their children’s. However, parents are advised to take their children to see the pediatric dentist near you because they can inquire with the dentist about new or ongoing dental health problems with their child. Parents receive information from the dentist about whether their child is at risk of developing tooth decay and details on how to stop unhealthy oral health practices like thumb-sucking. Parents also receive information about preventive treatments for children, like fluoride and dental sealants, besides reports on how their child’s teeth and jaws are developing and growing. Such information will not become available from general dentists catering to patients of all ages. Therefore parents of young children benefit from taking their children to a pediatric dentist.

How Our Dental Arts Seminole Office Is Unlike Other Dental Offices?

The office of the children’s dentist near you is unlike other dental offices having a colorful, fun, and kid-friendly environment. The dentist takes pains to ensure your child feels comfortable and safe at the practice and imposes their trust in them to receive dental care without remaining uncooperative. The pediatric dentist focuses on providing different kinds of oral care essential for children.

Differences Between Pediatric Dentists And Regular Dentists

Choosing a suitable kids’ dentist near you is essential for your child because differences exist between general dentists and pediatric dentists. For example, both receive training to treat oral health issues and help improve overall dental health. However, general dentists are excellent for people of all ages, including children, and can continue treating children even after adulthood. On the other hand, pediatric dentists receiving additional education for 2 to 3 years deal exclusively with children.

General dentists and pedodontists suggest starting dental visits early to receive specific preventive care helping them save against problems. For example, children can become vulnerable to baby bottle tooth decay, teething irritations, gum disease, and thumb-sucking, which both professionals warn against.

The pediatric dentist in Seminole is trained to treat unique cases and provide anesthesia while managing growth and development problems. General dentists see kids and adults together, helping them save time while giving the dentist knowledge of the entire family.

Taking your child to see Dr. Cecilia Sorrelle, a pediatric dentist, will ensure your child develops a healthy smile. The dental clinic has invested in unique kid-friendly tools and instruments besides fun activities for children when visiting the dental office for routine exams and cleanings. The dental practice can manage children from infancy until adolescence, when they can shift to their general dentist or ongoing dental care. The doctor ensures your child’s mouth is healthy to give them a happy smile.

Treatments Provided by the Seminole Dental Office

The Seminole dental office provides children with required treatments, including routine exams and cleanings, including x-rays, and predicting future dental problems that might affect the child. Some examples include misalignment of teeth, jaw irregularities, et cetera, and suggest interventional or preventive treatments to inhibit such issues.

If your child needs intensive treatments like root canals or treatments for injuries that make them lose their primary teeth, the pediatric dentist can provide a space maintainer to ensure the child’s teeth don’t become misaligned.

Pediatric dentists deal with many oral health issues in children, such as filling cavities, tooth removal, fixing broken teeth, treating teeth sensitivity, and prescribing antibiotics or painkillers as required by your child. In addition, if your child needs orthodontic treatment, the pediatric dentist can refer your child to a specialist and even provide orthodontic appliances like braces to align their teeth.

If you don’t have a pediatric dentist for your child and still rely on your general dentist, we recommend you consult Dental Arts Seminole with your child for future treatment. Your child benefits from dental care from a specialist to develop a healthy smile that remains with them for life.