Types of Services to Expect in Pediatric Dentistry

Did you know that your child too deserves high-quality dental care? You are not the only one that should be visiting a dentist every few months. Children too have dental care needs, which arise even before they start teething. Still, even though you haven’t yet taken your child to a dentist, it is never too late to begin. You will be surprised by the number of services available in pediatric dentistry and their relevance in excellent oral health for children.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

It is a specialty in dentistry that is designed to cater to all the oral needs of children. A pediatric dentist near you, therefore, will not attend to any dental needs of an adult. Usually, their main focus is kids from infancy through the adolescent years. Surprisingly, children have many dental goals, which merits having a specialized specialty just for them.

​Top 5 Dental Services Common in Children Dentistry

There are countless services offered in pediatric dentistry. For one, when your child has an oral emergency, you need to turn to a pediatric dentist in Seminole, FL. These dental experts are best placed at handling children’s mouths through the different dynamics they encounter as they grow up. Some of the common dental services you should know about include:

  • Fluoride treatment – if you check with any pediatric dentists in Seminole, you will find that fluoride treatment is among the most common kind of dental care for children. It entails enriching teeth with necessary minerals that will boost their strength and health. In this case, fluoride treatment involves painting a layer of fluoride in teeth to strengthen them. The fluoride will slowly be absorbed by teeth to make them strong, and increase their resistance to dental caries.
  • Dental sealants – they work closely with fluoride treatments. Sealants are types of dental fillings that are employed for preventive measures. Instead of waiting until you have dental cavities to get your teeth filled, Dr. Cecilia Sorelle will recommend getting dental sealants. They feature a thin plastic coating painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth to create a barrier against bacteria that cause infections. For children in their cavity-prone years, dental sealants will prove the most effective.
  • Dental cleanings – they are sessions that will significantly boost the oral hygiene routines of children. Technically, Seminole dentists offer dental cleanings to patients of all ages. Children need these sessions to improve their oral hygiene. It is more so necessary because kids are not the keenest regarding keeping their teeth and mouths clean. In pediatric dentistry, dental cleanings will also be the perfect opportunity for dental experts to sensitize your child on proper oral hygiene routines and habits for sustainability.
  • Teeth straightening – if you are keen to notice, it is not a new concept that many children get braces. Dental braces are used in Pediatric Dentistry to straighten teeth. Technically, Pediatric dentists in Seminole, FL employ the help of orthodontists to create treatment plans that can help properly position kids’ teeth early. Usually, when done early your child may not have to worry about having crooked teeth when they grow up.
  • Tooth extractions – although it is not an enjoyable procedure for many adults, leave alone children, tooth extractions are necessary. In children’s dentistry, extractions are important to preserve the oral cavity, especially at the onset of dental cavities. Other than that, kids need to have their baby teeth extracted by a dentist sometimes when the teeth are too stubborn to come out. Such is important for the preservation of the oral cavity and putting necessary measures to prepare the mouth for the growth of permanent adult teeth.

Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

  • Specialization – this specialty of dentistry specializes solely in children, allowing the dental experts thereof to offer the utmost adequate dental care to your child.
  • Management of dental emergencies – when your child has an oral emergency, you need to seek urgent care from the relevant experts who will attend to your child accordingly.
  • Reinforcing positive dental attitudes and habits – the earlier you start dental care for your child, the better. You allow the dental experts for kids to reinforce healthy habits and positive attitudes regarding oral health at a young age.
  • Preservation of dental health – several services in pediatric dentistry focus on preventive dental care that helps preserve kids’ mouths for long-term success.