Reasons and Importance of Dental Exams and Cleanings

Dental experts recommend you visit your dentist at least twice a year for evaluation and cleanings. Dental exams and cleanings help prevent dental problems such as cavities and gum disease. Dental exams may be used to identify specific issues in certain areas of the mouth, such as swelling, pain, or broken teeth.

Dental cleaning involves the removal of plaque, stains, and other particles from your teeth. Accumulated tartar on your teeth and gum line may damage your smile as well as your oral health. Dental exams and cleanings are important in maintaining a clean and healthy mouth.

Reasons for Dental Exams and Cleanings

Maintaining ideal oral health is an essential part of living a longer and healthier life. Poor dental hygiene has been linked to health problems such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Visit our dental office in Seminole immediately if you experience the following dental problems:

  • Bleeding gums

This may possibly suggest you have gum disease or gingivitis. Bleeding gums may also occur due to lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Visit a dentist near you immediately you experience bleeding gums for examination of your oral and overall health. Detecting dental problems in their early stages helps keep your teeth and gums healthy and intact.

  • Teeth decay

This occurs when plaque combines with starches or sugary foods on the teeth surfaces. This combination builds acids that attack the tooth enamel, causing tooth decay.

  • Teeth sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity may be experienced after consumption of too hot or cold beverages. This sometimes indicates that a tooth has cracked or there’s an abscessed tooth which can lead to teeth loss or jaw bone infection.

  • Chronic bad breath

Bad breath/halitosis is a sign of a present dental problem. Cavities, gum disease, dry mouth, and oral cancer are some oral problems that cause bad breath.

  • Teeth numbness

A lack of complete feeling in your tooth may be a sign an abscess has affected the nerves or the roots of your teeth.

  • Mouth sores that take long to heal

What to Expect During a Dental Exam and Cleaning?

During your dental exam and cleaning, Dr. Sausha Toghranegar, a dentist in Largo, FL, will:

  • Examine your oral and overall health
  • Remove stains or debris from your teeth
  • Assess your need for teeth replacement
  • Determine your risk of dental problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis
  • Check your need for fluoride
  • Demonstrate proper oral hygiene practices for your teeth

If necessary, your dentist may request you to take x-rays or do other diagnostic procedures. X-rays enable your dentist to find issues that may not be seen with an oral exam. They enable the dentist to see the state of your teeth, roots, facial bone composition, and jaw placement.

Your dentist will inquire about your health problems and discuss with you how they may affect your oral health. They will discuss your dental health and the preventive measures to maintain your oral health.

Are you in Florida and have been considering a dental exam and cleaning near you? Visit Dental Arts in Seminole for an evaluation of your oral health and recommendation on how to regain your healthy teeth.

Importance of Dental Exams and Cleanings

Dental exams help notice and treat dental issues in the early stages, saving you costly treatments. Below are the benefits of dental exams and cleanings:

  • Professional teeth cleaning helps eliminate accumulated bacteria, plaque, and tartar which may not be eliminated through home-based oral hygiene practices
  • Dental cleanings remove stains and other visible defects on your teeth, improving your smile and physical appearance
  • Dental cleanings help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss, giving you a fresher breath as well as healthy teeth
  • Dental exams and cleanings minimize the risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer which have been linked to poor oral habits.
  • Regular oral exams and cleanings give you an opportunity to learn about your oral health. Your dentist may recommend perfect methods and tools to maintain your oral health at home.
  • Oral infections may spread to other parts of your body if untreated. Monitoring your oral health may help detect symptoms of existing issues with your overall health that may go unnoticed