Valentine’s Day Approaching Fast: Why Not Enhance Your Smile Using Dental Veneers

With Valentine’s Day approaching after three weeks, would you like to display your broken tooth before your Valentine’s? You may think it is impossible to restore the tooth within three weeks. However, if your research carefully, you find a solution from dental veneers that help you have the tooth restored before the big day arrives.

When considering dental veneers and inquiring about the costs of having them, the first question in your mind will probably be, Are veneers permanent? No tooth restoration method is permanent and merely remains with you as long as you care for them appropriately. The cost of veneers is undoubtedly high and may scare you into wondering whether you must invest in the treatment. However, if you want to be at your smiling best, you may as well attempt to hide the broken tooth and any other imperfections you have with your teeth by discussing veneers vs. lumineers with general dentists in Seminole, FL. The dentists provide information on how you can enhance your teeth’ appearance within a couple of weeks using an option suitable for your needs.

Which Option Should You Consider Veneers or Lumineers?

When you begin searching for dental veneers near me, dentists provide traditional surfaces made from porcelain or alternatives like lumineers and composite resin veneers. As you aim to improve your smile before Valentine’s Day, your choices are limited, making you a candidate for the alternatives instead of traditional veneers.

Traditional veneers are customized for your teeth after preparing them and require at least three weeks before placement on the surfaces of your teeth. Porcelain veneers are durable and last for over a decade with proper dental hygiene. However, they are the most expensive and can set you back by approximately $ 2000 per tooth. Suppose you think you can have traditional veneers before February 14, 2021, and are prepared to bear the replacement costs. In that case, you can request porcelain veneers from dental arts Seminole, who will happily provide them.

On the other hand, lumineers are another type of veneer offered by dentists. Lumineers are affordable, thinner, and faster to apply. They are also known as no-prep veneers because they require less preparation of your teeth before they are bonded to the surfaces. However, they don’t last for as long as traditional veneers and need replacements within a decade. Therefore you need to choose carefully by discussing your options with Dr. Cecilia Sorrelle before having any placements on your teeth to cover imperfections.

What Are the Advantages of Having Veneers on Your Teeth?

When you decide in favor of having veneers on your teeth, several advantages come flowing your way.

  • Veneers provide you perfect teeth looking bright, white, and glossy.
  • Veneers are not like your tooth enamel and therefore resistant to staining.
  • Whether traditional or lumineers, veneers are appropriate for teeth that have yellowed or become unusually shaped because of accidents or impacts.
  • Traditional veneers require three to four weeks for customizing before placement on your teeth. They also need an intensive preparatory process depending on how many teeth you want to have covered.

If you want to have lumineers instead of traditional veneers, it helps to understand the preparation process is minimal, and the dentist does not grind your teeth to make space for the placement. Lumineers are more transparent than traditional veneers and may not be suitable for people with severely discolored teeth.

The customizing process requires two to four weeks after the initial consultation. The dentist takes a mold of your teeth for the dental laboratory to customize your placements. After the dentist receives your lumineers, you can set up a second appointment with them for lumineers placement.

Lumineers are more affordable than traditional veneers and will cost around $ 800-$ 2000 per tooth.

Caring for Your Veneer Teeth

After investing a considerable sum in dental veneers, you wouldn’t want to harm your investment overnight, would you? The dentist provides information on how you must care for the surfaces, although they don’t require special attention. Besides brushing and flossing and attending regular dental appointments for cleanings and exams, you must ensure you don’t use your teeth for opening packages or biting your fingernails. You must avoid chewing hard foods with your front teeth where the veneers are placed to ensure you prolong their life span for as long as possible.

With different alternatives available to cover your teeth before Valentine’s Day, it helps if you make a beginning right away and contact the dentist for having veneers on your teeth as soon as possible.