Why You Should Align Your Teeth with Accelerated Braces

You may have been genetically predisposed to have a perfect smile, but your teeth become misaligned, and your bite imperfect due to certain dental complications. It would help if you underwent a smile makeover to correct your misalignments and restore your perfect smile. Early diagnosis and treatment are useful in preventing extensive treatment procedures in the future. Orthodontic treatments are vital in aligning your teeth gradually to correct positions, through incremental adjustments. There are various appliances used in aligning your teeth through advanced orthodontic techniques. Accelerated braces provide you with speedy treatment and transform your smile quickly.

What are Fast Braces?

Accelerated braces utilize orthodontic appliances that are fitted to your teeth, similar to the traditional braces. A set of brackets is fastened to your exterior side of each tooth with a strong dental adhesive force. Unique brackets are attached to a wire which runs through brackets on your teeth at both upper and lower jaws. Incremental adjustments are made to the appliances to apply pressure to the teeth and improve the wire’s flexibility.

Dental braces treatment uses a series of treatment sessions that utilize advanced wave and phototherapy methods to accelerate your teeth movement towards their desired positions. These treatments are vital in achieving results in a short timeframe as compared to traditional metal braces. They allow gentle pressure from more effectively moving the teeth to the new positions with less effort and less time.

How Accelerated Braces Work

Accelerated braces provide you with quick straight teeth more efficiently than the traditional braces. They move the root portion of your tooth together with the crown simultaneously from day one. The approach stimulates your cells and your jaw bone, shortening the time needed to complete your teeth’ repositioning. Accelerated braces accelerate orthodontic treatment and achieve desired results within a short time.

The duration of treatment depends on the complexity of your condition. Minor cases can be completed within three months, while more extensive issues require about one year. Accelerated braces are safer traditional orthodontics, and you are recommended to visit the dentist near you and get a beautiful, healthy-looking smile.

Benefits of Having Advanced Braces

Advanced braces provide you with the following benefits:

  • The primary use of modern braces is convenience in treatment. Your treatment is complete within one year, and you regain all your standard tooth functionalities. Your child may undergo social stigma while undergoing treatment with traditional braces, but modern appliances are placed on your dental for a shorter time. Tooth-colored braces resemble your tooth shade, and therapy may be unnoticed.
  • They are lighter and more flexible than the traditional braces, and you experience less friction and associated pain. The state-of-the-art orthodontic appliances alleviate discomfort for those who suffer from dental anxiety since they are friendly to your oral tissues.
  • Accelerated braces are small-size, making it easier to maintain oral hygiene. It dramatically lowers the risk of oral diseases.
  • You can preserve your oral hygiene more efficiently compared to traditional braces. The presence of braces proves it difficult to clean your teeth adequately. However, the shortened duration of the modern braces treatment allows you to restore your routine dental care.
  • Affordability since they render desired results in a short period and visits to your dentist are fewer, which means that the treatment is less expensive in the long run.
  • There is no need for tooth extraction with dental braces before the braces are fitted compared to other orthodontic treatments. Extraction procedures are extensive and cause anxiety for you and your child, and your dental practitioner may recommend you to get your accelerated braces at the modern dentistry near you.

Having Quick Straight Teeth with Fast Braces in Seminole, FL

Traditional orthodontic options take long before rendering desired results. However, with advanced technology, orthodontic approaches can transform your smile within months. Accelerated braces are vital in correcting your dental imperfections and providing you with an exceptional and aesthetic smile.

At Dental Arts, Seminole uses accelerated braces to addresses malocclusion and other dental imperfections due to uneven teeth positioning. We are devoted to provide you with comfortable orthodontic services and help restore your smile. We utilize advanced technology and safety equipment at our dental facility to provide you with ideal orthodontic procedures. Please visit our dental offices today, and transform your smile with accelerated braces today!