What Is the Importance of Dental Examinations?

At Dental Arts Seminole, we insist that our patients see a dentist at least once or twice every wear. Doing so and observing good oral hygiene are the best ways to ensure that your teeth and mouth stay healthy. During these visits, dental exams will be performed to identify any potential risks which in the end save you from suffering more complex problems and the need for costly and invasive dental treatments.Also, considering that your mouth is an entryway to the rest of the body, keeping it healthy prevents problems to other parts of your body.

So, what more do you stand to gain by scheduling for regular dental examinations?

  • A Clean and Bright Smile

Despite the effort you put at home to brush and floss your teeth, you will still not be able to get rid of all plaque and bacteria in the mouth. Only a professional with specialized tools can thoroughly clean your teeth. Therefore, as part of your routine exams, you will have a dentist or hygienist perform a professional dental cleaning. This process is very effective and compliments your home-cleaning efforts by reaching through to all areas of your mouth. The cleaning is effective for removing plaque and tartar through a process called scaling. After cleaning, your teeth are flossed and polished to give you a bright smile. In addition to that your breath is left ultra-fresh and your tooth enamel, stronger.

  • Prevention Against Cavities and Gum Disease

When plaque and bacteria build-up is left untreated, it will start to erode the gums. This happens to be a common cause for cavities and gum disease which if left to severely advance will require restorative treatments like dental filling and sometimes even periodontal treatments. The regular cleanings reduce risk of cavities and decay. Our dentist in Seminole, Dr.Cecilia Sorelle will also perform a physical exam to check for any signs of decay.

In case you seem to be at high risk of cavities and gum disease, you will get preventative treatments such as fluoride treatments to protect you against the illnesses.

  • Early Diagnosis

In addition to physical exams, dental x-rays and cancer screening technology is used to rule out any problems. it has been observed that most cancers affecting the mouth or throat are usually detected during routine checks. The earlier you get to detect the disease, the high the chances of successful treatment. Conditions like halitosis can also be diagnosed during the exams, allowing the underlying cause to be identified and treated. When a condition is diagnosed early, you will also spend less on treatment.

What to Expect During a Dental Exam?

If you are care about your oral health and overall well-being, you are encouraged to go for a dental exam before friendship day this year. And if the though makes you anxious or uncomfortable, relax since there is nothing to worry about. Most dentists follow a routine procedure for all dental examinations which include:

  • Physical examination of your face, neck, cheeks and jaws for any abnormalities such as swelling. Your dentist will also check the inside of your mouth to see if the gums, teeth and other tissues are showing any signs of illness such as decay or cavities.
  • Dental x-rays and cancer screenings may also be performed to rule out any issues.
  • Finally, you will have a dental cleaning performed.
  • Some dentist may also have an educative session with you to let you know how you can care for your dental health better. This may involve teaching you the correct brushing and flossing techniques as well as how to care for any dental appliances you may have such as crowns or dentures. You will also be informed on how your lifestyle can impact your oral health, so that youare able to make informed decisions that protect you.

If dental phobia is making you shay away from the much-needed dental exams, talk to your dentist about this so that you can find ways to make your dental experience bearable. Most dentist allow use of sedation for patients that have extreme dental anxiety.