How Long Do Adults Wear Braces For?

Getting braces in order to align irregular teeth is as common in adults as in children. And just as children, adults too are curious about how long their braces are going to be there. Here, Dental Arts Seminole and their best dentists in Seminole has answered that question for you.

Here are the 4 main factors that play a role in deciding the orthodontic treatment time of the patient.

Age of the Patient

The complexity of the case


Types of the braces that the patient chooses.

Age has very little role in deciding the time of orthodontic treatment. Whereas complexity has the biggest.

Complex Cases Take Longer

It depends upon how complex your case of the dental problem is. There might be only one problem that the dentist in Seminole will have to solve which is getting your braces done. But at times, without the patient’s awareness, there are underlying tooth diseases. If you have jaw pain or tooth decay, it will take a long time to cure it. Complex cases might take up to 36 months for all teeth to placed in the desired position.

The Type of Braces Affects Treatment Time

The time of your treatment also depends upon the type of braces that you choose.

Metal and Clear Braces

These braces are known to give the desired results in the shortest time possible. Metal braces are more efficient with the tooth movements than lingual braces and clear aligners. In order to fix a basic crooked tooth, you will have to wear braces for a few months while in order to fix spacing issues, it will increase to 36 months.

Lingual Braces

These braces take a longer time to fix your tooth but are more popular with adults as they are virtually undetectable to other people. The braces are fixed in the back of the teeth and then the wire is fitted.

Taking care of your braces is very important. If you want to know more about how to take care of your braces or want to get your braces done, book an appointment at Dental Arts Seminole. We have some of the best dentists in Seminole, Largo readily available to help you with all your dental problems.

Why Busy People Prefer Same Day Dentistry

People who are too busy to visit the dentist can now take the advantage of same-day dentistry (CEREC). There’s a large segment of people who very busy because of their work schedules and personal or professional commitments. According to the dentist in 33778, gone are the days when one required multiple visits to the dentist for getting treated.

Take the example of a crown. Earlier, it took numerous visits to the dentist. During the first visit, the dentist used to take an impression of the patient’s mouth and then those measurements were sent to a lab where a dental device was manufactured. The entire procedure took somewhere between two to three weeks. The patient is stuck with the temporary prosthetics during that period and when the final prosthetic is ready, the patient is required to visit for installation.

However, thanks to the Same Day Dentistry, people with busy schedules need to no longer deal with all the hassle. The patients only need to take a day off for dealing with the dental issues they are facing, says the dentist in Seminole.

History of Same Day Dentistry (CEREC)

The CEREC system was developed in Switzerland at the Zurich University. The machine had been deployed all over the world since 1985 and the results were incredible. Since its inception, around 8 million people have been treated by CEREC, says the dentist near Seminole, Largo. Apart from manufacturing prosthetics, it can be used for creating tooth-colored fillings which are of the same shades as the patient’s natural teeth.

What to Expect during a CEREC procedure?

The system uses a 3D camera for scanning the patient’s teeth for measurements. The prosthetics done with CEREC are manufactured from a ceramic block which is put into the device in a few minutes. It eliminates the need for temporary prosthetic. The dentist then removes any defective restorations, fillings, or tissues before creating the 3D image of the patient’s mouth using the CEREC camera. The dentist will design the prosthetic and once the design is complete, the prosthetic will be created immediately.